We rock IT.

Wirokit provides you with full-fledged knowledge and expertise in long-term development of mission critical software.

Our company headquarters is located in  Seinäjoki, Finland.

Welcome to Wirokit!

We proudly call ourselves a happy tribe of 18 hearty IT specialists, who all have a decade or two of experience in challenging international projects.


Ever heard of TETRA or LTE? We develop and test complex telecom network systems and mission critical software. Our job is to make sure our customers can rely on their high availability services 24/7.


Our customers have stayed with us for many years, some for decades. This way we know them through and through and are able to provide them the best possible service.


Our specialists have a long history in software development and they keep themselves agile and up to date with new technologies.


Security is our middle name and safety our Number One priority, due to the nature of our projects and customers. We do our job according to the tightests standards.

Hey you! Would you happen to be our newest team player?

Wirokit Oy concentrates on software development and quality assurance. Located in Seinäjoki, Finland, our roots go back to 1985. As an organisation we value openness, co-operation and continuous development and renewal.

At this moment we do not have any open job positions available, but we will welcome applications from creative and innovative professionals willing to share their competence with us. If you are the right type to join our team, we'll be in touch as soon as possible!

You can contact us by sending your CV and application to rekry(at)wirokit.com.

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Puskantie 16
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Business ID: 2911678-7

Tuukka Rantala, CEO
+358 40 513 3613

Jami Saarikoski, Executive Chairman
+358 40 550 6983


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